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Snowball, our first guest blogger

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Dog Blog Hearth Hounds

Introducing Snowball, our first guest blogger for Hearth Hounds!

I'm taking today off to enjoy the spring temperatures here in New England.  So I asked my cousin Snowball contribute to today's blog entry.  

~Stay waggy, my friends!

I'm Snowball!  My family calls me "Sir" because well, I am the boss! When I visit Duke and his family I often pick the couch so I can be high up and stare at their cat...they can't be trusted.
So when I heard my cousin go on and on about these Hearth Hounds stockings and I became curious about this Snowball imposter!  So as any good reporter would do, I visited the designers studio this week to see what all the fuss was about.
I couldn't believe it, they work so hard to get all of the breeds just right.  Picking the right furs, eyes, trimming the ears like professional stylist, and picking the ribbon that reflects that breed's personality and characteristics!  
The Snowball stocking embodies all the features you love of a small white fluffy pup.  Take a look at some footage!
~Often imitated, never duplicated, Snowball
~Hearth Hounds creates unique dog Christmas stockings 

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