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Greyhound Options Spring Fling

As some of you readers may already know, the love of Greyhounds is at the center of the Hearth Hounds origin. Maria and one of her staff members have owned and fostered many of these wonderful dogs with a local non-profit organization, Greyhound Options (GO).

As GO representative (read: mastermind) Claire Sygiel states, "...we have been finding responsible homes for retired racing Greyhounds in Massachusetts and Connecticut since 1995." They recently adopted out their 1,000th Greyhound!

It is a unique group as they utilize foster homes which enables them to carefully assess and place their dogs. "Foster families across the state care for the dogs in their homes until good and loving homes are found for them.", Claire states.

Part of the adoption process is a home visit, when a dog is allowed to live with the prospective family. As much the folks at GO love to hear about love at first sight, they know unforeseen circumstances are a part of life and all dogs, whether still on a home visit or several years later, are always welcome back to the group.

GO is special in many ways, but many remark how much they love how they feel welcome and part of a family when they adopt a dog. "Weekly meet and greets and social events throughout the year provide opportunities for potential adopters to learn about this special breed."

In addition to their Facebook group page, volunteers, foster families and board members make themselves available to help prospective adopters and new and old families with questions and issues. Families are encouraged to attend weekly meet and greets and their annual Spring Flings and Octoberfests. Its a great opportunity for pups to keep in touch with other Greyhounds and sometimes, their former foster families. 

Houlihan Greyhound bowling at Greyhound Options Spring Fling
At Greyhound Options Spring Fling -Greyhound bowling!


Dogs taking a break at Greyhound Options Spring Fling
Taking a break at Greyhound Options Spring Fling

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Our dogs will always be members of the team! 

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