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Reconnecting with the other side of the brain


Maria creates unique dog Christmas stockings

~Maria in her happy place, surrounded by puppies


Running a business draws on the logistical, mathematical thinking side of the brain. Spreadsheets, emails, accounting, inventory, production numbers.... can be an integral part of a successful business, but as we all know a fulfilled life means balance. 

This week we took a short break from behind the computer and stepped in front of the camera to shoot our submission to the Small Biz Salute Pitch Off, presented by Inc. and The UPS Store®.

Maria creates unique dog Christmas stockings

~Sweet Houlihan happy to get some mom time

We will get to continue to nurture our soul this coming weekend at Greyhound Options' Spring Fling at Capen Hill Sanctuary in Charlton MA this Sunday.

When lives tilt out of balance, remember to step back and switch gears.  After all it is springtime -remember to stop and smell the flowers.  And yes, doggie breath.

Houlihan takes a break from designing dog Christmas stockings for this weekend's Greyhound Options Fling

Play with me! ~Houlihan

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