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A Golden Opportunity to Spread Love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is about love – and we absolutely love dogs here at Hearth Hounds! We’re always looking for great organizations that adore animals as much as we do, so when we saw that Betty White is a regular supporter of the Morris Animal Foundation we knew we had to check it out.


Today the need for help could not be greater for America's sweetheart breed, the Golden Retriever. More than half of Goldens are effected by cancer and other diseases. With the collaborative efforts of professionals, scientists and owners, the Morris Animal Foundation created the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  You can read about the organization and their study here: 

 Hearth Hounds creates unique dog Christmas stockings for your Valentine!

Join us in this “Golden” opportunity to help out a great cause!

Between February 10-17, we will donate $5 for any stocking purchased to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study in loving memory of Betty White's Valentine, Pontiac.  And, as a special gift for you, all our stockings will be offered at a 10% discount!  Just be sure to use the code HH4Betty!

Start looking for your favorite breed now!

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